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Passion. Imagination. Exceptionalism

ENDOFILMES is a production company forcing its space in the market through an exquisite creative work and exceptional execution, eyeing the best value for money and exhibition for its products. Started by long-time friends Nate Buzelli and Rayan Ruiz, the company is based in São Paulo and split its jobs in 3 different areas of operation: 

  • FILMS and SERIES - creation and production of features and short-films, documentaries and serial narrative; for TV and internet;

  • INSTITUTIONAL VIDEO - creation and production of corporative videos, which can be masterclasses, video-lessons, b2b, b2c - emphasis on the approach to the consumer;

  • COURSES - workshops and short courses with the goal of capacitate students to perform specific functions or to introduce them into the filmmaking field;

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"The word endo (inner) brings the idea of interiority - that's what makes us different: the way we look to the society and to the people whom are part of it. Our objective is to inspire and encourage the audience through the kind of sensibility that only cinematic tools can explore." -

Nate Buzelli, writer and director.


In such a competitive business, ENDOFILMES stands out by allowing itself to take risks, by exploring viable solutions in limited budgets and by ALWAYS working hard.

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