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Music Videos

In ENDOFILMES, the creative process for the music video is conducted with the highest attention and communication towards the artist. As in an advertisement pitch, the ideas are presented to the client after a briefing, all with different insights for multiple budgets.

"A music video should reflect two parallel narratives in popular music: lyric and instrumental.  While the story through the length echoes what is said, the rhythm and flow of the film should complement the "feel" of the music - it's all part of the same tempo.  It needs to grow into a perfect marriage; pure harmony in a very heterogeneous process." - Nate Buzelli.

Nate and his collaborators' experience with music is extensive, now mash it with Rayan's ease of creating original and unusual situations. You've got a heavyweight combo ready to knock you out with ideas.

Let Endofilmes' rhythm get to you and don't stop dancing.

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