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2017, Tragedy / Drama.

PLOTLINE: A young man watches his world turn upside down once his brother is shot after an unsuccessful robbery. Therefore, he needs to deal with an evolving hate for his city and a young journalist, who incites him with the alleged truth.




Direction: Nate Buzelli

Production: Nate Buzelli and Thiago Neres

Associate Production: Carol Santos

Screenplay: Nate Buzelli e Thiago Neres

Cinematography: Caíque Duarte e Marcella Serrano

Art Direction: Laura Bosi

Costumes: Lívia Duarte

Sound: Rafael de Souza

Editing: Gabriel Guarany

Color Grading: Paulo Henrique Gebrail

Sound Mixing: Gabriel Guarany e Nate Buzelli

Original Music: Gabriel Guarany e Nate Buzelli


Ary: Kevin Balieiro

Lídia: Danielle Di Donato

Mother: Cristiana Galvão

Boy with the red cap: Jackson Gleizer

Copyright © 2017, Nate Buzelli and Thiago Neres. All rights reserved.

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