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Tales from the City


Anthology in 8 episodes

Created by Nate Buzelli and Rayan Ruiz.

Under development.

ABOUT THE SERIES: In this paulicea of curves and hills, without straight lines or visible horizons, wild stories intertwine in different facets and emotions, amidst lots of noise and heart.

“São Paulo is a peculiar city - there is no sense of end or such predictability. It's a city of curves and hills - full of buildings; no straight lines or visible horizons. all you can do is keep going and see where it goes (and you might still end up in the same place). This vibrant and variable approach is what moves and colors the aesthetics and narrative of Tales of the City.”

- Nate Buzelli (creator)

Copyright © 2022, Nate Buzelli and Rayan Ruiz. All rights reserved.

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